June 19, 2015


a s p a r a g u s  f r i e s

i don`t cook a ton of things, but the things i do make i like to excel in. lately, i`ve been experimenting with asparagus fries. it`s one of those vegetables i love to eat, but hate cooking. i can never get the texture right. pinterest really comes in handy when i need ideas, so i searched asparagus and one of the recipes said fries..that obviously caught my eye. due to the interest i received after posting a picture on instagram, here`s a little fry-yay action ( << see what i did there ).

wash and towel-pat your asparagus. make sure you trim the ends..a quick way to do this is to just snap off the ends. dredge the asparagus with flour. the reason you should dredge with flour is so that the egg has something to cling on to, and thus creating a better base for the breading to cling on to. after dredging in flour and egg, roll the asparagus around in your panko mix. i won`t say what`s exactly in mine, but i use panko/seasoning/salt/parmesan to taste ;).
lay everything on an un-oiled baking sheet. bake for 350 degrees for 10 minutes. my asparagus didn`t quite brown as much as the pictures showed on pinterest, but the longer i baked the softer the asparagus became, so i would rather it be crispy/crunchy than anything else.

the end result? a healthy, quick, and guilt-free way to have your fries and eat them too.

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