May 20, 2015


remember when i used to post with no/minimal filters? and i would post in real time? 
well..i`ve been listening to you guys and i`m back (hopefully)!

(during work i was wearing valentino espadrille wedges and my hair was down, 
but sitting in two hour traffic is no joke and comfort has to be my #1..)
zara sweater : current/elliot blouse : ag denim : target kids sneakers

in other news..i hit 10k today! what i want to know is how i literally drove 10,000 miles in 4 commute is unreal. i can really say i love my car though! [car reveal post here]


  1. I can't believe you are able to fit into kid sized shoes! I remember working at Nordstrom, and a couple of the girls there would ask me to go to the kid's department, and hold some shoes for them. I was like, dang, your feet have got to be small to be able to fit into that size!

  2. i`m a size 5/5.5 so i can still fit into kids size 3 haha. it`s only good for sneakers and things but it`s so hard to find heels!