May 22, 2015


8am: getting my first oil change! I seriously love my dealership. they have theeee best snacks. obviously I'm very food-motivated. 

1030am: ready! 

11am: being basic at victoria's secret cause I was desperados..did the printed top and purple bottoms.

1228pm: lunch time is my favorite time 

1250pm: this is my shit. time to get my african princess on..

106pm: kimchi's tanning too

::fell asleep::

545pm: days off mean forever doing laundry..

620pm: hehe look at all the socks i got today when i was being basic :x

641pm: reviewing my month and getting ready for june

743pm: my secret summer nail color.

822pm: thanks dad. taro shake and re-reading girl on the train.


  1. I love Forever21 socks! I've picked up a couple pairs of them in the past couple of months! :)

  2. they remind me of the ones from asia!

  3. Totally wish I had the resolve to keep up with a planner! Looking at yours makes me so envious, but mentally exhausted, haha.