April 20, 2015


isn`t it strange sometimes how things fall into place? many of you know that i started at nordstrom just over a little year ago. i`ve been making some reflections since my most recent promotion and realized that some things are just meant to happen. 

i moved into a new town in 7th grade. it was tough because i was thrown into an environment that i wasn`t used to. i never cared too much about shopping or my appearance, but these kids at my new school were so label conscious! i immediately felt so out of place, but i was able to make some good friends who showed me the way. one particular friend took me to nordstrom for the first time. her dad worked for the company and needed to do some work on the weekend, so we roamed the store. it was an experience i will never forget. everyone was so nice, even though we were young kids who had no money to spend. the cosmetics department was especially exciting. we got tons of samples, a free makeover, and learned tips and tricks from the experts. the nars counter salesperson stood out to me the most. she was so edgy and cool. i spent all my money that day with her, and never regretted it. through the years, i have tried many products and brands, but nars will always hold a special place in my heart. 

so..isn`t it funny that after all these years, i`m working for a company that was my first real shopping experience and going back to using a makeup line that was also a first?

** if you`re ever at the old orchard location, ask for elma at the nars counter! and don`t forget to pop upstairs and say hi to your favorite red head! **

new products i`m trying now:

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