March 18, 2015


it`s not too often i get a day off that isn`t packed full of errands and laundry, so when i do, i try to take full advantage of it. this past sunday, i only went into work for two appointments, so i was able to make plans to enjoy the awesome warm weather we`ve finally been getting in chicago! what`s better than getting lunch and going to the park with my baby lylah?! she`s chris`s best friend`s baby and is the cutest little human i have ever had in my life! everywhere she goes, she lights up the room.
after a quick lunch, we took lylah to a park nearby. it was my first time really getting her in and out of her car seat by myself (can you tell i have no experience with children at all?!) and she was so cute! she helped me figure out the seat belts because i was so nervous that i was going to hurt her on accident! she even held my hand the whole way to the park!!
hehe how cute is mama bear! seeing their sweet relationship is seriously so amazing. i`ve never seen a mom be so patient (all the time) with her baby like suez is with lylah.
lylah is the happiest, most caring little babe. "today" was the first day that my heart was truly melted by a child. she came up and gave me a hug during lunch, but she patted and squeezed my back with her tiny little fingers! every time she hugs me she does that and it`s her way of acknowledging our embrace. there`s few things that move me, and this is really one of them.
this little daredevil, she loves swinging so high! i was getting scared but she kept giggling/squealing and shaking her legs to go higher! 
outfit details: 
vince sweater : leith tank : rag & bone/JEAN boyfriend shorts : zara sandals : balenciaga city


  1. Buggiebean7:04 PM CDT

    Love this! I"m glad you got a nice day out with baby Lylah. She's beautiful!

  2. It looked like a fun day for everyone! :)

  3. DSK Steph2:42 AM CDT

    Beautiful photos!