January 26, 2015


E R I N  C O N D R E N  L I F E P L A N N E R
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year four of the erin condren life planner! i`ve been a loyal and avid user of this planner and get asked every year to do a little review of the new changes. you can see last year`s post here. i usually show you guys the unboxing, but this year i received a ton of requests to show how i actually use mine. i think you guys just want to see how i use my washi tape `cause you know i`m obsessed!!

i`ve always loved school supplies so it`s no surprise that i pretty much always have new goodies! these are just some of the things i use more often, i always have a box full of super cute animal-shaped posties and stickers! one of my babes mentioned on instagram that i`m in all black, but when it comes to my planner, i love color! i bought the mini highlighters and scented markers (talk about old school..does anyone else remember them?!) from target. i haven`t used my emoji stickers that i got from nordstrom, but i love having them around just in case. and of course..my washi tape obsession hasn`t gotten better. i had to move them into a big makeup traveling bag, which i like more because i`m able to sift through and find the tape i want. sometimes they get "dirty" so i was so excited when i saw this cleaning tutorial on pinterest!! i know, i have a problem.

my favorite planners are the ones with custom and personalized covers. the boyfriend took these of kimchi and i again this year because i loved it so much last year! i always buy glittery letter stickers from michael`s and add on my own little flair instead of getting it printed on from erin condren, which i did the first year. one of the changes erin condren made this year was to do removable covers. i get the appeal of being able to switch out your covers whenever you want to, but in terms of practicality, it just isn`t working out. i`ve already completely lost the first cover i ordered because i use my planner so heavily. it also pops off because my planner seems thicker than last year. i really wish she gave you the option of having the old binded covers or having the removable ones! please!!

the monthly view is the same as before. i always start off the new planner by adding in everyone`s birthdays and chris`s wedding schedule. i still love the custom photo stickers from erin condren! i think it`s so convenient that you can link it up with your instagram! i love the black and white washi tape for my work schedule. because it`s different every week, it makes it easier to see when i have a day off! then, i add in appointments and events as they come up. i like that the different patterns and colors in the washi tape because it makes things seem more fun and easy to see. i also love that i can move the stickers around without ripping the paper in case plans change! in the monthly view, i also use stickers to mark pay days and period days.

the week at a glance is where i have the most fun. i use the same black and white tape for work here and mark my work schedule vertically so i can see what time of day i`ll be at the store. the neon patterned tape is one i use consistently for only one thing, which is for my packages! i love knowing when to expect ups/fedex because i`m a super stalker and want everything right away!! the only other tape i use for one type of thing is the neon skinny green one, it`s for chris`s work schedule. see how cute the poop stickers are?! i found them on etsy, and yes..i track that too. mo` stickers mo` problems. i also use the week at a glance to keep track of the nitty gritty. i write down everything i do because i have such terrible memory. i like to tape in little drawings and things my coworkers give me and i love using these new plastic tabs from erin condren to save christmas cards and invites!!

towards the back of the planner, there are the blank lined and unlined pages. i don`t generally use these, but it`s nice to have them to keep notes and to-do lists in one spot. 

as always, there`s the keep it together folder and the plastic pocket. i like to keep stickers and extra business cards in there to keep everything clutter free.

the most exciting change for me this year was the perpetual calendar and contacts! i hated re-writing everyone`s birthdays every year `cause it never made sense to me..those dates never change! now that it`s in a separate booklet (it comes when you order the planner but can also be ordered separately), it`s easier to fill out my actual planner with the photo stickers every year. i also never use the contacts section because i`m paranoid someone will pick up my planner and find too much information, so i prefer not to fill that out.

overall, i still love my planner, i just really wish they hadn`t changed the covers. it`s so fun and i always get excited to add in new events. i got a bunch of my coworkers to switch over and they love it!!
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i did purchase the lifeplanners with my own money and i am NOT being endorsed by erin condren. i love these planners so much and recommend them to everyone! due to the amount of emails i have been getting, i wanted to show you how i use mine. i understand that these are pricier than other planners, but i really do feel that it`s worth every penny because they are that amazing.


  1. I have a serious problem with washi tape. I had to buy a box to hold all of mine!

  2. i know!! those are just the ones i use, i still have unopened ones too! they`re too pretty not to keep buying haha

  3. Zaira Ivette Sierra11:49 PM CST

    How do you get yur cover with the full photo, and no personalization or the white band going across it? And, does requesting that requires that you pay the $15 special order fee?

  4. hi! i did the full frame custom cover option (direct link here: https://www.erincondren.com/life-planner-picture-this-full-frame?color-id=39428) and then in the comments section, i asked for no personalized name and no white bar. i don`t recall paying anything extra other than the $5 for the back cover. i also notated in the comments section to do a full frame for the back cover. hope this helps!

  5. Zaira Ivette Sierra5:30 AM CST

    Yes, it helps. Thanks for the reply!