January 23, 2015


in mid-november, i lost the first car i bought, meep meep )=l. it was the first snowfall in chicago and i was driving home from work. i had just called all my coworkers to be careful and to drive slowly when no more than two exits later, i got hit by another car. i was driving in the far left lane to stay away from the other cars when i saw a bright light in my right passenger window. i glanced over and saw two headlights driving straight into my car. since i was driving so slow, i was able to brake and prevent being t-boned, but we still made impact and hit the median. i was so stunned and in pain, but all i could remember was that the other driver never came out to check on me. thankfully, a passerby stopped and helped me call 911 and the ambulance (which never came). i`m so grateful that i was physically okay.

after weeks of insurance claims and dealing with the other driver lying about what happened, i was finally able to get a new car. originally i wanted to get another honda fit, but chris and i talked about how we would feel more comfortable if i was driving a safer, better-built car. yay to my brother-sister bestie sammy for going car shopping with me `cause i was able to get exactly what i wanted (aka white..hatchback..sunroof..heated seats)! no name yet, but here he is!! doesn`t he have the cutest butt!!

&& some more fun, here`s what`s in my car! 
1. extra mittens, my favorite makeup remover wipes, hand sanitizer
2. queen b princess kimchi sitting in his carseat! a seatbelt is necessary, he`s a wild woman.
3. the center console is my most used area
4. ipass (illinois has tollways, does your state?!), mints, eyebrow pencil, lip therapy
5 & 6. currently obsessed..
7. my diy first aide kit (washi`d by me!)
8. candy stash..i like variety for my guests
9. vip passengers
10. inside my first aide kit: bandaids etc, survival kit from my friend hoang, kimchi`s essentials
11. backup candy & diptyque home spray (my car smells like baies)
12. a little sparkle from my coworker erin!
13. trunk space..i always have extra shoes just in case!


  1. Omg, didn't know about this! I am so glad you're OK!!!!

  2. Wow, I'm so glad you're okay! I got rear ended last month, and while it definitely wasn't as much of an ordeal as yours was, it was still a huge pain in the butt. The other guy never apologized either! Glad it all got sorted out in the end.

  3. That's horrible that the other driver lied. I remember my accident, the other driver wouldn't admit that they were in the wrong, even after the police report, so when they were sent the subpoena, that was when they were like whoa, this is for real!

  4. it`s okay! i didn`t really tell too many people about it! i just started feeling comfortable driving and a lot of people asked what my new car was! let`s get drinks soon!

  5. omg i hope you`re okay! it`s crazy how many people have no remorse for the things they do. especially when it`s not your fault and you have an added stress because of someone else!!

  6. subpoena?! that`s pretty intense! we both had the same insurance company so i felt like they didn`t do much on my end. i`m hoping karma will work itself out!

  7. Buggiebean9:51 PM CST

    I remember this night! I'm so glad you are ok <3 and I love the hatchback! Great choice my ChuChu!

  8. thanks for being there for me bb!!