August 19, 2014


m o t h e r  +  s o n

not new news, but i`m kind of THAT dog lady. the one that dotes on her kid dog more than anyone else. the kind that treats her fur baby better than most people treat their family or kids. but really, kimchi IS my kid. is there really a difference just because i didn`t birth him? to remind him that he`s especially special to me, i take him on day dates quite often. i usually get two days off a week and one of those is completely dedicated towards him. we usually lounge around the house all day, but sometimes it`s nice to get some fresh air and do something a little more fun.

this week, i decided to take kimchi out on a little city date. we started off with a nice outdoor brunch at siena tavern with auntie sue, then continued on with pup-cakes at sprinkles, gold coastin`, people watching, and millennium park shenanigans to meet a very special bunnie..


  1. Buggiebean10:01 PM CDT

    Awww, I love this!! He's so spoiled by his Mama and Aunties!