May 19, 2014



a little while ago, i was invited to a cute breakfast at beatrix to celebrate the launch of puretergent, an all natural high-efficiency laundry detergent. the founder, julia fry, was there to tell us all about how it works and why it`s so amazing! as most of you know, i have sensitive skin (and so does kimchi) so i was very interested in how this would be more gentle for me and my clothes. after using the formulas myself, i can really say they work and i do see a difference in how my clothes look and feel. 

there are three formulas available, all color coded and super cute with the descriptions written write on the packaging for ease! there`s really no way you, or your man, can mess up the laundry again! i love that they`re so compact and because they`re pretty colors, i don`t mind them sitting out in the open! 

some great things other than packaging: 
*the cost is the same as other detergents! it`s only $13 for 50 washes and available online as well as at jewel in the chicago-land area! 
*puretergent is a botanical formula. it contains botanical surfactants, plant-based conditioners, natural degreasing agents, and plant extracts. all natural and gentle on your clothes too!
*the quality of the detergent is super amazing. no chlorine, phosphates, alcohols, or dyes.
*it`s the only product you need! it naturally softens so you no longer have to purchase fabric softener OR dryer sheets! talk about a lazy girl`s dream..and cutting costs to save for other shoes!
*puretergent is designed for high efficiency machines, they`re non-foaming, and it`s bio degradable. super great for the environment and also another great way to cut cost on your water bill.

even better? because i loved it so much, puretergent and i are pairing together just for my readers! coupon HERE and also a giveaway! the contest will be open for a week until monday, may 26 at midnight central time. here`s how to enter:
1. leave a comment on this post letting us know one of your laundry secrets
tell us about a time you had a laundry disaster
2. along with the comment, please leave me your name and email so i can contact you!

want more info? check out puretergent on instagram, facebook, and twitter!
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  1. Miss Tapia1:22 AM CDT

    Today I actually had a laundry disaster. I forgot to check my daughters pockets for candy and when I took our clothes out of the dryer,I noticed brown stains all over our clothes (including my new shirts). Turns out,she had chocolate in her pockets =/

    Jennifer T.

  2. Natalie M5:17 AM CDT

    Biggest laundry disater to date: leaving a tube of dark cherry lipstick in a pair of white Chanel trousers. I'm still not completely over it.



  3. my last laundry disaster was YESTERDAY when i accidentally dried a NON-drying top and shrunk it =(!!!!!!! thaifoodchicago AT

  4. christina dutra10:38 PM CDT

    I add a cap of vinegar to my towel wash. It keeps the towels feeling soft and fresh, and prevents them from smelling like dirty water.

    The "calm" puretergent sounds like it smells amazing! I love anything that has a lavender scent.

    Christina Dutra

  5. Henry Chen10:59 AM CDT

    My laundry secret is to have your wife do your laundry for you, so you don't mess it up!! LoL .. that way, you can avoid major disasters!

  6. oh no!! were you able to wash them again and get the stains out?!

  7. i think that has got to be the worst feeling! one time i didn`t sort through my laundry and didn`t realize my gucci fanny was in there! needless to say, i was having a heart attack when i was putting things into the dryer..i hope you are able to at least find a replacement pair of trousers!!

  8. thank you so much for reading! i accidentally dry things ALL the time! and they`re always things i can`t find duplicates of! :/

  9. i`ll have to try the vinegar trick! i find that sometimes i get that dirty water smell if i don`t clean the machine in between large loads! does it leave a vinegar-y smell? i used to clean the kitchen with a vinegar/water mix, but haven`t done it in a while because the smell got to me!

  10. smart!! i hope you`re doing something in the dishes! i know i`d much rather do laundry than the dishes!

  11. christina dutra11:41 PM CDT

    it doesn't leave a smell at all!! your laundry detergent, softener and dryer sheets will over power the smell.

  12. yay this piqued my interest as I am about to run out of laundry detergent, lol. I think my skin is becoming more sensitive as I get older :(, and also because I've never been good at taking care of my skin.

    One laundry secret of mine was (even though this probably does not count) - there was a time when I lived in a building where the dryer automatically starts drying even if you don't put money in it. I'd just press Start and save myself a few quarters. We all took advantage of it, until management fixed that. =[
    I don't think I've had a laundry disaster. All of my clothes are pretty easy to maintain...but when I was a kid, my uncle shrunk an ugly sweater. It shrunk to a size so small, that it became my hand me down and I dreaded wearing it. lol


  13. Henry Chen10:59 AM CDT

    I clean the toilets .. I think that's a fair tradeoff~

  14. at least your uncle shrunk an ugly one instead of a favorite sweater!! my dad used to shrink alllll my things!