February 13, 2014


i had a pretty good run from the last time i got sick with all the bronchitis and pneumonia, but here i am cuddling kimchi in one arm and a box of tissue in the other. fortunately i was able to stay home and rest today. hoping that this ear/sinus/throat infection and the fever goes away soon!

here`s a quick tagged post from my babe stephanie until i get better and take pics for an upcoming hair everything post. (btw..there`s still time to leave me questions!) i`ve done a few of these before (most recently here), but they`re always fun! i didn`t look over what i wrote last time..so sorry for the repeats! 

i have issues with mandolins and food processors. i prefer to hand cut everything!
i love water bottles with big openings, but always spill. these straws have been awesome!
i would love to move to another country soon in the near-ish future!
i hate admitting it, but kimchi is such a spoiled brat sometimes. he`s defintely turned into #princesskimchi.
i`m obsessed with boyfriend`s mom`s kimchi jjigae. best ever.
currently reading eightysixed, a memoir by my tattoo shop`s owner`s hottie wife. get it nao!
i`ve been secretly playing farm heroes. it helps me sleep at night..T_T
i bought this zara skirt. dying to wear it, but my thighs are so juicy the zipper flies open!
i haven`t bought a new nailpolish in almost a month. it`s a record for me.
still obsessed with avocado toast. did you see my recipe? i have it every day!
my guilty food pleasure (besides all the normal fatty things i eat) is pizza and ranch.
as much as i love getting ready & going out, nothing is better than being lazy in bed while the boyf edits!
i`m so hungry. all the time.
back to my trashy tv obsession..right now i`m loving rich kids of beverly hills!
booty > boobies
i would still love to take some korean classes.
i think i`m the only female that doesn`t like chocolate..even during my time of month!
i`ve always wanted to go on a picnic, except i`m allergic to grass!
i still love watching old disney movies. beauty and the beast and cinderella are my fave.
i`m addicted to coca cola, i can finish a 24 pack in just a few days! 
lately, instead of coke, i`ve been drinking blood orange pelligrinos, yum!
once in a while i think about changing my blog name, but it`s never anything clever enough.
naya rivera is my wcw everyday.
this is the first beyonce album i`ve ever enjoyed. 
every night, i watch full house and then friends on nickelodeon.
i hate when i can see notification bubbles or unread messages. everything needs to be cleared!
i love getting ready with kimchi `cause he always finds me for some kisses!
i also love smelling his face..fritos and ham!! 
i think i might stay with red hair forever..it`s when i feel most me. and i can`t decide on another color.
i can`t even tell if this is 30 things..so exhausted! not to mention i am the worst at counting.


  1. Henry Chen10:36 AM CST

    Hope you get better~ I've been sick (on and off) for the past 2 months with various conbinations of the same thing .. so I know how crappy you feel! Get lots of rest!

  2. LC, i hear you on the coke addiction. I stopped buying it to break it... instead i end up running through a drive through or grabbing a bottle every time I'm a target. horrible. PS I am going to be swinging through chicago soon...

  3. if you are sick with bronchitis and pneumonia often you should see an allergy and asthma specialist, I had the same issue for the past 3-4 years and went to see a specialist this year, for once I am not sick out of my mind and ending with bronchitis. hope this helps, take care and get better.

  4. thank you! hope you`re getting better! the weather has been insane and causing so many people to get sick! hope you`re staying warm!

  5. let me know when you come by!! we have to at least get a coffee (or drink!) when you come!

  6. soul sisters foreva!

  7. i did end up going to a specialist because i have allergies and asthma to begin with, but unfortunately i get chronic bronchitis almost every time i`m sick and there`s nothing much they can do )=. glad you found something that works for you!! it stinks being sick, thank you so much for being so thoughtful!!

  8. booty>boobies :) love this

  9. Patrícia Atai1:23 PM CST

    I hope you're feeling better! I loved this! I'm also allergic to grass. I always thought I was the only person. And this is the ONLY Beyonce album I ever enjoyed haha! I swear you're too awesome lol! Feel better soon :-)

  10. I am so hungry. ALL. THE. TIME. ALSO.