January 10, 2014


M A Y B E L L I N E  N U D E S
overall, these lipsticks have great color payoff, but kinda slips off so you`ll need to reapply often. it`s much more moisturizing than i had expected, but take into consideration this is one of my first drugstore experiences.
TRUFFLETEASEhaven`t actually worn this one yet, but it`s such a pretty nude!
SIN-A-MONthis is almost like a my-lips-but-better shade. it`s subtle, but just enough to be pulled together.
TOUCHABLETEASEmy night-time nude. it`s a tad darker, but great in pictures so i don`t look dead.
ESPRESSOEXPOSEDa gorgeous vampy color..it`s my mature toned-down dark lip.

V A R I O U S  V A M P S
OCCBLACKDAHLIAgorgeous and my darkest, but so messy it`s a turn-off. 
TOMFORDBLACKORCHIDmy all-time favorite, but sadly it`s discontinued.
NYXLICORICEthank you to my babe pam. low-maintenance, cheapthrill, and longlasting!
REVLONBLACKCHERRYeasily accessible when i forget my he lipsticks at home!
MACREBELnever alone..always paired with mac nightmoth. gorgeous.
SEPHORACRUSHthis is a pretty cranberry color, but the formula becomes a little drying on the lips.
WETNWILDSUGARPLUMFAIRYsadly discontinued, but really nice plum color.


  1. I have OCC's black dahlia, and when I put a lip liner on before the lip color doesn't get messy. Hope that helps you out!

  2. thanks denysia! i`ve tried it with a lip primer AND lip liner and it still doesn`t want to stay! i`ll have to try it out again!

  3. Saha Kehau9:57 AM CST

    Truffle is right up my boring alley lol

  4. Ooh! I am glad that you did this post! I was just talking about how I want another dark lippie! I have Rebel and I love it. I'm gonna have to try the NYX, Revlon & Maybelline ones! Great post! :D

  5. Buggiebean5:00 PM CST

    Gah! I really want to try the NYX butter lipsticks, the swatch isn't helping!! The nudes look so pretty, I can totally see you rocking them all.

    I'm sad the lip tar is still giving you problems! Maybe you should try using a smaller amount than what you have been using, =)

  6. there are even more colors! i feel like everyone can find the right shade for their skintone!

  7. thank you! i think they would love gorgeous on you!

  8. omg babe you need to get it! i put it on with no lipliner or primer and it lasted all day through eating, drinking, and talking! such a great bang for the buck! idk if you`ve tried the butter lipbalms, but i`ve been really liking those too!

    i really need to retry the lip tar, i can`t believe it gives me so much trouble! there must be something i`m not doing right!

  9. I've been on a serious hunt for the best dark, vampy red lippie! It's hard to find one that doesn't have a hint of plum in it. I had high hopes for the Revlon Black Cherry, but I find that it has just a bit too much purple for my taste.. Would've loved to try Tom Ford's Black Orchid.. super bummed that it's discontinued! I think I'll have to try my luck with OCC's Black Dahlia..

  10. worshipblues10:35 AM CST

    That Tom Ford lippy has certainly caught my eye! I shall have to try it and hope that it doesn't make me look like a corpse. Never an attractive thing to resemble :(

  11. i hope you can still find it!! it`s my favorite!

  12. I'm really excited about these lippies!