November 11, 2013

{Thompson Chicago}

Recently, I was invited to an exclusive soft-opening event at the Thompson Chicago, a new premier hotel located in the heart of the Gold Coast. For me, the Thompson is perfect because it`s situated in one of my favorite`s pretty much next door to my second homes..Barney`s and Christian Louboutin. Not to`s only two block away from my favorite bakery/sandwich place! However, what I really want to rave about is my whole experience. From the milli-second I pulled up to valet, I could tell that the Thompson Chicago was going to be in a league of its` own. Not only was I greeted by the valet..someone immediately took care of my bags. Maybe this happens at other hotels, but never to me! He informed me that I was already pre-checked in, led me to the elevator, and passed my bags onto yet another person! At this point, I was already overwhelmed by the great care they took in their clients, so I insisted on making my way up to the room alone. (pictures of the room will be at the end..but let`s just say now that I was blown away!)
While I was waiting for the boyf (he was my plus one, duh), I was able to really take in the lobby. The hard wood floors, minimal lighting, and burning fireplace really set a relaxed mood. It felt so home-y, whereas most hotels make me feel slightly uncomfortable and out of place. I think a big part in this was also the concierge. Everyone was so warm and welcoming. I don`t know how they do it, but they all remembered my name (I`d like to give them a lot of credit and not say it`s because my fire-y red hair made me more memorable than other guests haha). I loved how the Thompson created separate seating areas by using different couches, armchairs, and coffee tables. Every piece was different, but seemed to fit so well together. The middle of the lobby was my favorite though. There was this big shelving unit that housed the fireplace, books, figurines, and super cool star lamps. 
We made our way to the Penthouse suites where we met up with Jess & Jill.  The event occupied two amazing loft-style suites. The bottom floors are the entertainment area and the lofted floors are the semi-private sleeping areas. Each floor has it`s own bathroom, which I thought was well thought-out so that you could keep your makeup and shower things out of sight. There were very comfy seating areas where I could imagine lounging all night, a dining table (that conveniently turns into a pool table!), and a spacious outdoor patio with more comfy couches. The views were so gorgeous at night, and because the Thompson is a little bit tucked away on a side street, it wasn`t too noisy. Interestingly, there are no party policies for the suites..which I thought was unique and smart! It keeps the hotel classy and also prevents others` experiences from being ruined by sloppy neighbors!
PS: if you`re planning on having even one drink..don`t even try going down the swirly stairs!
And now..the room. Omg guys..I don`t even know where to start. Right when you walk in, there`s a cute little built in nook area with shelves, an awesome lucite lightbulb lamp, AND a mirror! It was a great place to put my keys, room key, and my clutch. Then, there`s the closet. You may be thinking that it`s just a normal closet, but this was far from anything I`d ever seen. The lights in the closet magically turn on when you open the doors. It doesn`t stop there..inside the closet are built in shelves for important things (like shoes..your bags..accessories..etc). I was so impressed and I was only putting my coat away! Next was my favorite part of the whole room..the bathroom. It`s often one of the most neglected areas of a hotel, but this was where I felt the Thompson Chicago took most care. First of all, it was designed by a woman. Not to toot our own horns, but TOOT TOOT BEEP BEEP HONK HONK. They really nailed it. From the carefully chosen hexagon shaped floor tiles to the shiny white subway tiles lining the walls, every detail was so well thought out with the user in mind. The sink area was most impressive. She especially chose the best lighting possible. They are so different and cool, and definitely brightened up the whole bathroom. I loved that there was a big, clear mirror but also a retractable magnifying mirror perfect for doing eye makeup! The space was very minimal, which I loved. The plush towels sit on a wooden shelf under the sink. Also loved that the hairdryer was in a dust bag to keep the shelf looking nice and neat! The shower was also perfection. It had no door or curtain, which makes the bathroom feel more spacious. There was a removable shower head (do any hotels even have that?! i always wish they did!) AND an awesome rain-shower option! I definitely took advantage and had myself a nice long shower the next morning!
As I made my way into the room, the first thing I noticed was the velvety midnight tufted couch (my favorite thing in the bedroom and of course I didn`t take any pictures!) and the plentiful mirrors. If you`ve been to enough hotels, you`ll notice that there`s never any good mirrors! Well, this place has mirrors above the couch and my fave..a full length mirror (woo hoo uniform pictures!). The rest of the furniture was equally well thought out. The nightstands were minimal and chic. It was actually useful and I really enjoyed how nice it looked with the whole room! There was also a desk, in case you plan on doing any work. I really appreciated that it wasn`t bulky and definitely not an eyesore! And the bed..oh man. It was one of the most comfortable beds I`ve ever slept on! One of the sweetest things? They had warm cookies and milk waiting for us when we got back from the event! And the other most thoughtful thing? They gifted me a monogrammed robe and superrrr cute Breakfast At Tiffany`s sleeping mask! Bedtime has never been more exciting!

Thank you so much SkirtPR and Thompson Chicago for this amazing experience! We truly appreciated every single detail and loved everything! Can`t wait for the restaurant to open in December..hopefully in time for our anniversary!

Photographs taken by Christopher Kim.


  1. Awesome! I loved all the pictures and descriptions! Def a choice when going to stay in chicago :) thank youuu! ♥♥♥

  2. let me know how you like it, i`m definitely going back myself!

  3. It was such a fun night! Great photos from Chris!

  4. Oh my gosh! I love this. I feel like the hotel is like a home away from home (which I think hotels should me) but even BETTER! It really is the little things, such as the cookies and milk before bed, that makes you appreciate and remember good business. It looks like you had a great time!

  5. Thanks ladies! It was so fun catching up with you!

  6. I didn`t want to leave! The best in Chicago!