October 14, 2013


as requested, here`s what i wore during my trip to dc to meet boyfriend`s older brother O.O and to north carolina to attend his cousin`s wedding! ps: sorry for backtracking, but i couldn`t find a full length mirror. 

*and for those who asked..yes, i really did stick with one carry on luggage and a tote*

wednesday airplane wear. i left right after work to catch our flight, so exhausted!

all saints tank (old) : helmut helmut lang villous sweater : tobi pants : tkee flip flops
thursday, the boyfriend took me to georgetown to do a little bit of shopping and a super cute outdoor lunch date. then, we met back up with his older brother and drove to north carolina outer banks.

after a long day of driving, we had nommy snow crab legs for dinner, got settled into our rental home, and went over to his cousin`s for a pre-wedding party.

anthropologie dress (super old) : schutz heels
friday wedding day!

unknown sweater : abercrombie&fitch shorts (old) : steve madden bouncerr wedges
saturday morning..had a delicious brunch made by all of boyfriend`s cousin`s friends at the house, then we drove back to dc.

we got back to dc around dinner time. it was so sweet of chris`s brother to send us off on a date night! afterwards, we went to see some of the monuments..the stick, the claw, and the big man! cue boyfriend`s face/palm. :D

runway bandits dress : steve madden bouncerr wedges
after date night, we went back to his brother`s place and got changed..again..to go out. it was definitely a different scene than the one i`m used to in chicago, but still fun. one of the most exciting things was that one of my readers stopped me! hi heidi! the other "exciting" moment..taking care of the boyf..i`m pretty sure it was payback for all the times he`s had to pick me up from underground haha.

last day in dc, i had such a great time meeting chris`s older brother and having such a relaxing first vacation with the boyf. woke up to get pho, spent the day being couch potatoes and ended the trip with indian food. i really wish we were able to spend a longer time there, can`t wait to go back!


  1. Buggiebean8:00 PM CDT

    I'm so glad you recapped your outfits!! And I'm so sad because you were sooooo close! Next time!

  2. coming soon! hopefully!

  3. i know! i kept thinking i could sneak away for a day haha. i think i wore more than this..but i can`t really remember that far back! #oldpeopleproblems

  4. Love how long your hair has gotten lately!

  5. thanks babe! i actually had it cut, so it was even longer before! so hard to manage though /:

  6. Looking good...how do you keep your hair so strong and healthy?