September 7, 2013


 same same but different.

i first heard about runway bandits from claire marshall, who i`ve been stalking following for a while now. she has amazing videos and her instagram is always so cool! anways, she did a lookbook video here, and i fell in love with the blue elemert dress. of course, i had to order two colors.

t h u r s d a y 
night out

s a t u r d a y 
running errands

after a long wait (the items ship from singapore, so totally understandable..i`m just really impatient. thank you to their customer service for answering so fast and being so patient with me!), the dresses came and i was SO impressed. the items on the site are all around $20 (hello cheap thrills) so i wasn`t expecting much, but the dresses were so well made. the material is thick and have a good weight to it, which is great because it prevents the dress from flying up in the wind. i was even more impressed that they have a lining underneath! these particular dresses are free size, aka one size fits most, but they fit me perfectly.

and because everything is so affordable, i also have my eye on..
glord pleated peplum top / dawney high neck striped dress / hiero tribal shorts
elemert cape dress (blue) / elemert cape dress (white) / cluma laser cut dress (black)
cluma laser cut dress (white) / fenston military parka / pecere denim skirt

this post was not sponsored by runway bandits. all items were purchased by me.


  1. I saw Claire's video as well! I've never ordered from them before, but I'm definitely going to be checking them out now!

  2. I love that dress and color on you. Thanks for sharing, I want to check them out now!


  3. Henry Chen10:52 AM CDT

    Both dresses look fabulous on you .. but I LOVE the white one!

  4. it`s really amazing how affordable everything is! let me know what you get, thinking of ordering again! X.X

  5. thank you! they`re so affordable and the quality at the price point is just kind of unbelievable!

  6. thanks henry! they`re perfect for days that i eat wayyyy more than i should!

  7. Buggiebean3:15 PM CDT

    I absolutely love these on you bebe!! And the Asos Hong Kong shoes!! ughhh u and ur skinny legs!

  8. whatevs! you have amazing legs too! hottie!