September 16, 2013


i may or may not have mentioned that i suffer deal with ocp, obsessive compulsive personality (not self-diagnosed). most people joke or say that they have ocd, but the conditions are much more serious than ocp. if you would like to know more about it, feel free to email me or google, but the whole reason that i mentioned this is that ocp controls a huge part of my life. for the most part, i keep it under control. but with some things, i just can`t help myself. one of those things is organization. not only do i have to see things visually, i have to plan ahead. wayyyy ahead. case in point? i`m leaving for a short trip next wednesday to dc & north carolina with the boyfriend..i started "packing" a month ago.. 

because i can`t handle the anxiety of freaking out about lost luggage..
i insist on traveling with a carry-on. in order to do this efficiently..i map out my uniforms like this:

and the other know, just in case i forget anything important. granted, i have to move the liquids to smaller containers..but at least i know what i need!

ANYWAYS, laugh if you will, but i never have to rush the night before (or day of *cough cough*) because i have everything all set. it also really helps me remember `cause my memory`s getting shotty with age. AND, i`m rarely the person who gets upset that she forgot to bring certain clothes. SUCCESS!

*after thoughts*
+ i also pack a portable steamer (this one here)
+ must remember contacts/glasses & razor!!
+ underthings too..duh!
+ i use freezer bags to "package" each day. organized AND saves space


  1. I always pack in advance too!

  2. jdotphan9:43 PM CDT

    this. is. amazing.

  3. I do the same thing only I type in the item descriptions in an Excel spreadsheet!

    Who makes the off-shoulder gray burnout shirt that you paired with your faux leather leggings and Nikes????

  4. the pullover is by free people >>

  5. all of this fit in your carry on????!!


  6. i actually changed up some of the stuff and fit MORE!

  7. makes things so much easier!