September 22, 2013


woke up bright and early on a sunday morning to spend some time in michigan with my family and some family friends. we drove to a "little" vineyard owned by the cutest couple. the husband was so enthusiastic about his fruits and made my first experience grape picking so memorable. there were tons of different types of grapes, but my favorite were the concord, jupiter, & fredonia.

concord & fredonia were so sweet and fragrant. they were very similar to korean grapes (my FAVE fruit). when you suck on the grape, the skin comes off and leaves you with a super juicy fruit. the fredonia was a more fragrant, but both were equally sweet. the jupiter grapes were also really sweet and crisp, but the skin stays on like the common grape. the season`s ending, but i`m already planning for next year!

haha i thought this bunch of fredonias looked like africa! anyone else think so?!

and since we were already in the area, we went to another farm and picked some apples too! 
yum yum honey crisps! my shai boo boo got me hooked. it was only $2/lb for the honey crisps!


  1. Henry Chen10:52 AM CDT

    Mmmm .. those grapes and apples look so good! Nothing like getting fruits straight from the source!

  2. where in Michigan was this at?

  3. Hi Judy! I can't remember the town off the top of my head, but google the name from my first picture and it should pop up!

  4. They were so yum! You'll have to go grape picking one day, it's so rewarding!