September 2, 2013


L A K E S H O R E   E A S T

last wednesday, the magellan group invited a select group of fabulous people from the chicago blog network to take a tour of the coast, a new building in lakeshore east. this building in particular is only available for rent, but they do have other properties available for purchase. to see more information, you can visit their website.

these were taken from the three bedroom penthouse. i don`t know how they did it, but you can see EVERY view of the city. starting from the master bedroom on the left, you see all of river north and further. in the living room and kitchen, you get a panoramic view of navy pier, the lake, and the museums. in the two bedrooms on the right, you can look down into the park of lakeshore east and millenium park. GORGEOUS. every bedroom has walk-in closets, but they`re even more amazing because they have windows looking into the city! you can rent this baby out for $10k a month, but you gotta wait `cause someone just signed a lease for the next three years! (i hear he`s single and living alone ladies!)

i wish i had taken more pictures of the different units, but we were moving at a pretty quick pace. these were pictures from the convertible unit. it`s like a compromise of a studio and one bedroom, which i thought was pretty cool. the bedroom does have a door and wall separate from the living room, which is great for those who like some privacy. although they are 522-652 square feet, the layout makes it feel much bigger. my favorite part about the convertible was the living room and kitchen area. the kitchen is up against one side of the room, so it doesn't feel like it's in the way. the living room is small and cozy, but as you can see from the picture, it`s definitely possible to still have a mini eating area. if i could dream up a space for a single babe that's still in school or starting in the workforce, this would be it. and even better? the downstairs of the building has a huge study/work space! there`s tons of couches and desk areas, as well as private rooms (think library style, but more chic). 

after our tour of the coast, we made our way over to the aqua building. it`s part radisson blu hotel & part aqua condo units. it`s such a cool, pretty building and so unique from the others in chicago. another perk of living in lakeshore east is that many of the buildings are able to use the amenities at aqua! the pool are is even has a fire pit/outdoor lounge-y area and a zen garden! the magellan group really thought of everything for its` residents. 
ps: they have the coolest bathroom, the entryway is made of a million tiny square mirrored tiles surrounding a giant shiny mirror. PERFECT for uniform pics and selfies, obvi because i took one here months ago!

&& to cap off the night, a romantic stroll overlooking the giant park with my shai boo boo on our way to III Forks for drinks & hor d`oeuvres with the ladies!

magellan group, thank you so much for having us!


  1. The entire complex looks amazing! :)

  2. the penthouse was amazeballs, wish i took more pictures, but i was too busy getting my champagne diet on! the one bedroom was also sooo cute!