July 24, 2013


i did a mini post here about a year ago, but as recently requested by natalie (hi && thank you for being an avid follower!), here is a revised/updated staples post. (ps, a lot of this stuff is on sale now!)

1 // BDG MID-RISE GRAZERS (on sale in blue here) are my favorite black jeans. i love that they hit me right at the ankle (i`m 5'3") so i don`t have to hem them. also, the color doesn`t fade, even after putting it through the washer and dryer a million times. did i mention they`re so affordable?!

2 // DEEP V TEES are definitely a staple. i`ve searched for a long time, but haven`t found a perfect one yet. i just ordered a bunch of the topman deep v tees (yes, the men`s store!) and hope they work out! i also like the LNA ones, but they seem to shrink only vertically when i wash them!
*just kidding..the topman ones were a little tooo v`d out..continuing the search!*

3 // HANKY PANKY is my favorite brand of every day underwear thanks to my girl whitney (if you`re in chicago, you have to go see her at the nordstroms downtown!). i love their thongs && cheekies, they`re the most comfortable underwear i`ve ever worn, but they still come in fun colors!

4 // LBD is something every woman should have. you need one that you know you can throw on and look amazing in when you have nothing else to wear. this asos lbd one is very similar to the one you guys always ask about. i love the deep plunge (see a trend here? lol) & the fitted shape. just because it`s not short doesn`t mean it`s not sexy! i love the midi length because it hugs all your curves!

5 // DL1961 JOY SUPER HIGH RISE FLARES (or as i call it DL number number number number) are my absolute favorite pair of jeans/pants/bottoms. i first saw them on the babes at edith hart and had to have them after seeing how amazing their legs looked! i will say this again and again, super flares and wide leg bottoms are THE most flattering. throw on a pair of super high wedges (these are an affordable favorite) and you`ll have the best legs, seriously. 

6 // shoes are where i start my uniforms. i decide on the shoe and everything falls into place. white chucks are my favorite shoes to run errands in, cause come on..heels are just not so practical sometimes! christian louboutin pigalles (i wear the 120mm heel height, but the 100mm heel can be found here) are my go to pump, although painful for most, they create the sexiest silhouette on feet. naked heels are one of my absolute favorite. my wangs are discontinued, but these manolo,  steve madden, and zara are similar. 

7 // BOBEAU ASYMMETRICAL FLEECE SWEATER (on sale now && also available in petite!) if you`ve been following my blog for a while, you know these are my favorite sweaters. they`re super soft, i have them in black, gray, and beige. they go with everything and look much more put together than a hoodie or basic cardigan. i love wearing it opened with a fitted tank.


  1. I've been looking for the DL1961 Joy jeans and wanting them to go on sale (for obvious cheesy reasons, because they're named after me) omg thank you and also darn you - bad for my wallet lol


  2. it was fate. you HAVE to get them. my favoriteeeee jeans ever. ;)

  3. I loveee your "staples" posts babe!!! I totally love hanky panky underwear and totes agree they are by far the most comfortable underwear EVER. please let us know when you find your perfect ever elusive V-neck tee! needs to know! :p

  4. superdry has comfy vneck tees. i think the style code is GS1GO000

  5. Natalie M8:42 PM CDT

    I don't know if I should jump for joy or kick myself for requesting this- just bought the joy jeans.

    My poor, poor bank account.

  6. thank you! i`ll have to check that out asap!

  7. of course you should jump for joy (literally..)!

  8. i love the fun colors!!

  9. nury monty5:28 PM CDT

    Just ordered a pair of the joys, u convinced me!

  10. yay! you`ll have to let me know if you love them as much as i do!

  11. nury monty1:24 PM CDT

    Got them, they r amazing! They do make my shrimpy 5'1 frame look so much taller! Thanks for the recommendation!!