June 3, 2013

{whiskey peach barbecue chicken}

whiskey peach barbecue chicken
by: the pioneer woman

i first saw this recipe on so delushious, chrissy teigan (who happens to be john legend`s fiance AND one of my favorite food bloggers!). i`ve had it bookmarked for a while now, but finally had the chance to make it over memorial day weekend for the boyfriend`s family. i made it again a few nights ago for my grandma, so i figured why not take the opportunity to share! i`m not going to go through the whole recipe as the pioneer woman did an amazing & thorough job..but i will include a few notes at the bottom. enjoy!

*to make the sauce less liquid-y, reduce it before adding the chicken back in.
*it was a little sweet for my taste, so the second time around i used less peach preserve, less barbecue sauce, and more whiskey.
*this does take the full hour and a half in the oven, so time yourself accordingly! i made the mashed potatoes a day ahead. the corn & asparagus i prepped and made while the chicken was in the oven.


  1. omggggg that looks SO RIDICULOUSLY delicious!!! peach whisky sounds soooo yums! going to try this recipe! thanks babe!!


  2. Ice Pandora12:05 PM CDT

    Wow this looks APPETIZING! Even tho
    I'm vegetarian :P looks like Memorial day
    went nice! Xx http://icepandora.blogspot.com

  3. That looks so good and you just introduced me to 2 new blogs so THANK YOU. I have to try this recipe sometime soon.

    Meghan Silva's Blog

  4. let me know if you do, it`s time consuming but super easy! best part? no knife needed!

  5. awe! if i find any good vegetarian recipes i will definitely put it up!

  6. you`re welcome meghan, i love both of theirs! if you try this recipe, please let me know your thoughts!