June 7, 2013


photographed by shai chung x drunk on shoes

i used to be able to swim, but can`t anymore.
i hate the taste of water + feel like gagging every time i need to drink it.
good food + french bulldogs are the way to my heart.
minimalism is my kinda thing.
played the piano since i was 5 and certified to teach, but i don`t and i won`t.
loooove the way kimchi (my dog) smells like ham + fritos. 
i have nine piercings. 
i am SO good at explaining things (insert sarcasm here).
i`ve been a redhead for 2+ years now and don`t think that`ll change..ever.
i change my nail color almost every other day. 
i have obsessive compulsive personality.
i would have a harry potter marathon any day. 
i backed into a brick wall while driving because i was busy eating a sammich.
savory > sweet.
i`m no good if my hair`s no good.
"damaged people are dangerous..they know they can survive". yeah, that`s me.
i`m clumsy..i fall down the stairs in the same spot almost once a week.
i was a dior baby..but ripped every single dress.
born in chicago, but didn`t speak english `til the first grade.
i`m scared of staples.
i`ve spilled strawberry crush into my (old) laptop on three separate occasions.
when i`m waiting to pay, i organize all the gift cards, etc. until they`re uniform.
i`m really bad at thinking on the spot when it comes to simple math.
candy crush stole my monies.
kimchi had a blog before i did (if you don`t include xanga O.O.)
although rare, i actually do wear some colors.
i loooooove noodles. i can eat them every single day.
i started off left handed, but my parents switched me over. i still get confused.
finally living a simpler life + couldn`t be happier.
 i`m 25 going on 60.
addicted to the feeling of getting new ink, but i`ll stop eventually.
the first year of blogging, i did it from a b.berry + ipad `cause my laptop was dead.
i get more mineral deposits in my eyes than the average person.
i wish i was a polyglot.
my favorite movie is totoro + i NEED to go to the ghibli museum.
as much as i hate being labelled, i am true to my libra ways.
if i could have anything right now, it`d be my own home.
when i was little, i wished i could break my arm or leg so that i could get a cast. 
i love avocados, garlic, + onion.
the first time i was wasted was when i was 4 years old. 
i was the kid who always got lost + had to get picked up from the front of the store.
in grade school, i tried to be an entrepreneur with a friendship bracelet business. i got suspended. 
i just re-pierced my belly button..by myself..in the car..eating a pretzel. 
my dream job would be a food critic..or a test taster.
in my first year of college, i waxed girls to make monies for my alcohol. 
if you mention tacos, i will leave the bar or club immediately. 
i have to go to target multiple times a week or things just aren`t right. 
i`m a webmd doctor.
i was hit by a car in the parking lot while leaving work + suspiciously there were no witnesses.
every pet i`ve had was named after a food item.

why should all the youtubers have all the fun with tags?
tell me something interesting about yourself!


  1. jdotphan10:42 AM CDT

    i absolutely love this!!

  2. I agree! Savory>Sweet anytime! :D

  3. Love it!! We have a lot in common! However you ain´t afraid of nothin...piercing yourself in the car eating...hell no!


  4. I'm a true lefty and so is my son =)

  5. Buggiebean11:14 PM CDT

    Me and u are totally soul sisters. I always wanted to be a taste tester! And tacos, avocado and noodles are things I could probably love on lol

  6. loveeee this! i'm so with you on so many different things!! but wait you have to explain the you are a webmd doctor more and about you getting hit by a car?? what happened??!


  7. What's your favorite snack? Mine is the herb&spices popcorn from trader joe's

  8. Lol I didn't realize it closed in the middle!

  9. Awe! I still get confused and use my left hand to do things!

  10. You're just too cute!

  11. soul sistas foreva!

  12. wedmd dr: this sounds horrible bc i know your hubs is in the medical field..but i hate going to the doctor, so i diagnose and treat myself bahaha. i can`t tell you how many almost "surgeries" i have done on myself!

    getting hit by the car: in high school i worked for starbucks at an outdoor mall. i was leaving work around 7/8 pm..and just stepped into the parking lot when this car hit me with the back on their car while turning down one of the lanes! there`s stores everywhere and windows everywhere yet NOBODY saw anything..suspicious if you ask me!

  13. uh..no! you are!

  14. I LOVE YOUR HAIR *___* Such a pretty red!!

    恵美より ♥


  15. Henry Chen10:40 AM CDT

    Water makes you gag? LoL .. and how do you forget how to swim?? =P and repiercing your belly button by yourself .. eek .. no infection?? =T

  16. i can`t drink water! it tastes so bad to me! i`ve gotten a little bit better lately though. the swimming thing..i have really bad anxiety now so i tense up whenever i`m in water that i can`t stand in! i think if life depended on it, i might be able to..but not so sure! no infection! i did bleed though, so i cleaned it up as soon as i got home. didn`t realize it was closed in the middle!

  17. You cracked me up with this - you are amaze balls!

    My interesting fact: I was born on the same day as my dad (but wasn't scheduled to be due - I was actually a month early!)

  18. glad you liked it! and thank you!

    that is such a cool fact about you! it must mean so much to your dad that you were the best gift!

  19. richelle11:25 PM CDT

    Haha this is great. "I was hit by a car in the parking lot while leaving work + suspiciously there were no witnesses." I also think Candy Crush steals everyones monies. :(

  20. lol. what can i say..i`ve lived a a pretty interesting life thus far!