June 14, 2013


g i r l  &  t h e  g o a t

the boyfriend & i have really busy schedules, so what better way to enjoy a date night than to try a restaurant on our list? girl & the goat is one of those restaurants that`s constantly being raved about. i don`t think i`ve ever heard a bad thing about it, but growing up with parents who truly love food and everything it has to offer, i`m always a little skeptical..and unfortunately pretty hard on eateries. we had previously tried little goat..another of stephanie izard`s restaurants..and sadly i was extremely disappointed. still, we decided to finally give girl and the goat a try.

peter piper / harissa cream cheese . fennel butter
ham frites / smoked tomato aioli . cheddar beer sauce
squash blossom rangoon / crab . chive yogurt . toasted almonds
escargot ravioli / bacon . tamarind-miso sauce
roasted cauliflower / pickled peppers . pine nuts . mint
braised beef tongue / masa . beef vinaigrette . salsa verde
green garlic potato wontons / garlic chives . shiitake mushrooms . asparagus . pickled rhubarb . spiced pecans
charred pork belly / spring onions . tangy jus . sunflower seeds

eight dishes later, i`m happy to say that we gave stephanie`s restaurants another chance. it was a LOT better than little goat and i would come back to try other dishes. in general, i did enjoy everything, but ultimately i think it was too hyped up, as are most places. i realize that comes off as negative, but i really don`t mean for it to. i just think that it wasn`t the dying amazing meal others make it out to be. (i realize i`m a little bit of a food snob..so i`m a little bit more criticizing!)


  1. I love that you just speak the truth :) There are a lot of places that people hype up, and when you try it out... it's good, but nothing special. Sometimes all the hype ruins the experience since you have such high expectations. I'm happy you still liked it and had a good date night with your bf. You look great, btw!

    Happy Friday!

  2. what kind of mirror do you have and how do you keep it so clean? lol sorry for the weird questions. The dishes look amazing, and I love pork belly! Oh, and your hair looks great too!

  3. jdotphan11:53 PM CDT


  4. I love that you honest and I do love what you wore .

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  5. #NOMNOMNOM We shoulda got desert at Au Cheval. :)

  6. we should`ve..next time! :D

  7. thank you so much meghan!

  8. i`m not sure what the name of the mirror is, but it`s one of those infinity mirrors from ikea..if you get it..measure your car cause i had to hold the door open! i wipe it pretty often with windex to keep the dust off (=

  9. happy weekend v! i realized after the fact how it could be taken negatively and those were not my intentions! i guess i just set extremely high standards, but this is something you`d have to try at least once! i try not to yelp or listen to others to prevent being biased lol. and thank you!!

  10. Buggiebean9:19 PM CDT

    I feel like sometimes I'm a food snob. People will rave about something and I'll be all "meh" about it. It makes me feel like there's something wrong with me! But you're right, it's because we grew up being surrounded by really great food, home cooked or at local eateries.

    I will tell you again you look faboosh! I'm really loving this red on you! So chic, ooh lala

  11. so glad i`m not alone! btw, you are the sweetest. kisses alllll the time!

  12. had a great meal at girl and the goat when we were in chicago! will need your recommendations if we visit again ;)

  13. i did enjoy it, but i think i heard tooo much about it and was expecting too much! where else did you go! the publican is one of my favorites, but i love a bunch of smaller places too! if you ever visit, please let me know!

  14. That food looks amazing! Good thing you finally decided to try it out! Those fries look amazing (I'm kind of a slight fry addict).


  15. those fries were pretttty good! i love potato haha.