April 29, 2013



a few months ago, giedre from walking dot photography contacted me to do a photography collaboration. i don`t do these very often (actually..this is only the second time haha) because i get so camera-shy! i wanted to make sure we would be a good fit for each other, so we met over coffee. by the time we closed starbucks, i was confident that giedre would make sure i was comfortable during the shoot, and she did! i hope you enjoy a few of my favorites as much as i do!

check out my full feature here.

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rick owens jacket : one teaspoon pinkie dress 
tiara love cross necklace : maya brenner custom initial necklace

zara blazer : forever 21 muscle tank : bdg mid-rise grazers
marc by marc jacobs sunglasses : christian louboutin pigalle 120 pumps
bauble bar arrow cuff : hermes kelly double tour : uo spiked bracelet
club monaco wrap bracelet : gifted wrap watch

all saints leather jacket : boutique dress (similar)

thank you shai boo boo for lending me your baby cows. it took everything in me not to ruin our friendship and run away with them haha. kidding..but not really. you were amazeypants for helping me all day, taking all the behind the scenes photos,  and letting me be super diva (please call me beyonce from now on). 
&& thank you code of conduct for letting me take over the bathroom! you guys are the besttttt. (if you`re reading and you want to get some tattoo work done..these guys are the best in the biz..for real. tell them i sent you so i can be their favorite forever!)


  1. Stunning! You're a natural! Giedre did a wonderful job capturing your beauty. & you know how much I love your bow sandals. xoxo

  2. Lauren you look gorgeous! I'm loving this photoshoot post! :D

  3. you are so sweet v! thank you xx.

  4. thank you denysia!

  5. Really amazing photos!

  6. You look FANTASTIC, L! Your hair.. and look at that booty! Wowza.

  7. Henry Chen1:40 PM CDT

    Awesome photos~ Love the firey red hair! The pic of you against the brick wall is my fav!

  8. Wow, you're so cool! Congrats!
    All the black outfits look sooo good. & omg can I please have the leather jackets? Either the R.O. or A.S., or both, I'd be so happy haha jkk


  9. Thank you Henry! It's hard to pick a favorite but I loved that one too!

  10. Thank you! Haha I wish they were mine, I borrowed them from a friend!

  11. Your fiery hair is just insane...gorgeous! =)

  12. How gorgeous is your hair and the Rick Owens jacket?! Love<3

  13. Thanks Jessy! Wish the jacket was mine, buy I borrowed it from a friend! It was amazingggg!