March 15, 2013


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you should know by now that i am a terrible snacker. if i open a bag of chips, i end up eating the whole bag in one sitting. really bad, i know. i used to lie to myself and say it was okay because i eat really healthy and clean meals, but truth be told, it`s not true. in an effort to get healthy, i am replacing my snacks with healthy ones from go bites! 

i first heard about these on my babe linh`s instagram (her blog here!). there`s tons of different options, but you pick 14 boxes per shipment. i opted to do 1 shipment per month. since a lot of people were emailing me about this after i put up the ig pic, i figured i would keep you guys posted on what i think about them. i`ll also update the coupon code if possible.

at first glance i was so excited because everything look so aesthetically pleasing. i love that you can see what`s in the boxes and that the descriptions are right on the label. the portions are great sizes. after trying the first one, the only change i wish they would make is the top. you can`t reseal the label, so you have to finish the box the day of. also, since there`s no real lid/ can`t throw it back into your bag like i had originally intended to. other than that..i love these things already!

3/12: tropical gluten free granola
i just randomly chose one to start with. tuesdays are my busiest days at work and i don`t really get a chance to eat because i`m all over the office, but the granola saved me today. i lasted all day with just a banana and this box and didn`t feel hungry at all. in fact, i think i felt a little bit more energized. i left the open box on my desk and when i remembered to, i would grab a piece to munch on. these are super fresh and stayed chewy all day long!

3/15: forbidden rice mix
this is actually my third box of the week, but i forgot to take a picture of the other one. this one is really yummy and more like a snack. the crispy rice cake remind me of asian rice cakes i loved as a child, and the cashews had a nice surprise because they are coated in a spicy/salty powder. definitely keeping this one in my next shipment!


  1. I feel you , I'm a terrible snacker too, these are totally a better option !

    xo Meg

  2. I saw a review on this on someone else's blog too (I don't remember who anymore)... so now that you've reviewed it, I definitely want to try this out!

  3. just tried another one today (and forgot to document oops) and i`m still really happy with it! i hope you try it, and let me know how you like it!

  4. Love this! Everything looks so yummy.

  5. ohhhmygod i need this. i DEFINITELY open a full size package of anything and always polish it off.. 2013 is my year to eat better!! is there a calorie count for these babies??

  6. I believe all the nutritional information is on the website, but because I`m only trying to cut the snacking and not really count calories, I didn`t look /:

  7. Yes, I always say I`ll take notes and make these myself, but let`s be`s easier when everything is already prepped and ready for me!

  8. Since getting my first shipment, I haven`t opened or purchased any chips!