February 27, 2013


shop more, save more.
makes sense right?

from february 25 to march 3 @ ASOS

spend $100 & get $10 off
promo code: USASAVE10

spend $150 & get $30 off
promo code: USASAVE30

spend $250 & get $50 off
promo code: USASAVE50

these would be some of my picks if i wasn`t on a shopping ban..


  1. jdotphan7:22 PM CST

    why you do this to me? D:

  2. Sherine P3:53 PM CST

    Oh man, gotta love a sale!


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  3. I shall recreate the jumpsuit with a peplum top & black pants (easier to go to bathroom, lol). On a separate note, those UO fleece-lined tights u wear are on sale; 2 for $20. I just wanted to ask do they have a seam running down the center of the crotch? I can't tell from photos on the site.

  4. you no buy. you`re on a ban. haha.

  5. did you end up getting anything?!

  6. yes! that`s how they always suck me in )=

  7. they do have a seam, but only on one side. so i move it the butt area so it`s less awkward haha. you should send me a pic if you re-create the jumpsuit..i`d love to see it!