February 6, 2013


if you follow me on instagram, you woulda seen me post these a few days ago. 
black. leather. bows. done. 
not to mention this is a naked shoe (you know how much i loooove naked) AND it`s a super flat sandal. andddd i can`t even tell you how buttery soft the leather is..obsessed!

these awesome bow sandals are by aminah abdul jillil, former professional dancer turned designer. her stuff is simple with a little bit of edge. not only are her designs amazeballs and super cool, she`s extremely nice too! i emailed her because the smallest size available was a 7 and SHE (not an assistant!) miraculously found me a 6..and in a matter of hours too! loooove when customer service is on point.

buy here.

note: these sandals do run small..i`m normally a 5-5 1/2 and took these in a 6. although i have pretty narrow feet and very skinny ankles, i do have to use the first (looser) snap closure. 

this post was not requested by the designer.


  1. Nice..definitely a focus point...

    Do a post about your tattoos! Looks great!


  2. I'm pretty sure I need these shoes in my life.. if only my feet were as tiny!

  3. Ok, seriously. These are the sexiest shoes I've ever seen.

  4. it`s coming..i just need to think of a creative way to take pictures!

  5. you neeeeeed these!

  6. Henry Chen12:37 PM CST

    Men could not pull off wearing something like that!! I'm still trying to phatom how one walks in shoes like that!! Weird how one's toe has to cling to the shoe for dear life to keep it on~ LoL .. or at least that's what it looks like to me .. but what do I know .. I'm a man!

  7. Henry Chen12:38 PM CST

    Forgot to add .. Looks great on you though! =D

  8. henry you are so sweet. i`m still trying to figure out a creative way to take pics of the tattoos..so far all the ones i take are so lame! the shoes are actually really comfortable and easy to walk in..maybe i`ll get fun and take a video/gif when the weather gets warmer! the things women do to their feet though...you guys have it so good!