January 10, 2013


i haven`t been updating, i know. i keep promising i will. i KNOWWW. butttt i HAVE been updating my instagram! i know it`s not the same, but at least it`s something (&& i only do it `cause it`s easy & quicker). since i`ve always been honest.. i`ll just keep it real. the REAL reason i`ve been missing?

i`m dating someone. and i`m happy. really happy. 

not sure that i want to say too much more about it here, but if you do figure out who he is, please respect his privacy. if and when WE decide that we`re ready, maybeee he`ll pop up on the blog. (thanks)

i`ve never been to a bulls game before, so it was super amazeballs when he (maybe you guys should help me give him a "name" or something `cause let`s be honest..i`m only sporadically clever) surprised me with tickets for christmas! we went to the game last night and it was more fun than i had thought it would be. i have to admit though..the best part was watching the players do stretches..mmmm. if only d. rose was warming up too..

all saints coat : h&m denim shirt (similar) : h&m pants
balenciaga city bag : ysl malibu sneakers 

although we made dinner (yummy linguine & clams & brussel sprouts thanks to inspirations from my babes pammy & shai!), we wanted/needed a snack so we stopped by au cheval. although the wait is usually very long, we got seated by the bar/kitchen area pretty quickly.

i`m actually really glad we got seated right in front because it was interesting to see how everyone worked together. i was actually sitting right next to the guy who oversees every order before it goes out and it was kinda cool! it did make me want to try EVERYTHING on the menu though..

single cheeseburger : crispy fries w/ mornay sauce, garlic aioli, & fried farm egg
toast : foie gras terrine w/ strawberry jam

OH. MY. GOD. the cheeseburger was the best burger i have EVER eaten. at first i resisted trying because i don`t really like burgers that much..but i`m so glad he stuck this in my face because after the first bite..i think i died a little. the fries were amazeballs (i liked the mornay sauce better) and the foie gras was very nommy. can`t wait to go back and try the bone marrow!

if you`ve been on my instagram lately, you`ll notice that food has pretty much taken over..my whole life haha. so i`ll be posting more of that and trying to write a little more (ew) in each post. as usual, if you have any suggestions or would like to see anything, let me know via email (lauren@ldotcdot.com) or in the comments!

ps: henry..thank you for being so patient. the tattoo post is comingggggg.


  1. Glad that you're so happy, Lauren! You could always go by his initials, or just do a simple 'Mr. L.' We would know who you were talking about ;).

  2. this just made me so hungry!! haha, great post!

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  3. I'm happy for you :) Good luck coming up with a pseudonym. I need one too. I don't like the word bf, I don't know, just rubs me the wrong way ? (lol I'm weird) I also need to go to a Warriors game once in my life.

    Also omg foie gras, bone marrow, you are speaking my language! I'm so jealous, bc foie gras is banned in CA. -_-


  4. awww obsessed! i'm so happy to hear that you are so happy dating right now hon!!

    and holy sh*tballs that meal looks so good.. i love a good cheeseburger! and eggs on top of fries HELL YES. and foie grassssssssssssss yes please!! ohmygod that meal looks so good!


  5. thanks joanna! i`ll have to keep that one in mind!

  6. thanks joy! i don`t mind using the word bf, but i wanna try to think of something more fun/clever! foie gras is banned in ca?! that would be a very good reason to move..at least in my opinion haha. it`s definitely one of my guilty-pleasure foods!

  7. aw lisa thank you! (btw, so glad you`re home with your hubby now so we can hear more disgustingly cute convos that you guys have!!) && hope you had an amazing holiday visiting your family..georgetown cupcakes is somewhere on my list of places to go to.

  8. Henry Chen11:46 AM CST

    Now that you have someone to help you with the pictures, you have no more excuses~ LoL .. Thanks for remembering though!! I can't wait to see them~ Glad you've started this new year happy!! =D

  9. thank you AGAIN for being so so patient! just trying to think of a creative way to take these pictures..the post is all written up!