September 17, 2012


photographed by kelly jung for the urbaness.

remember the first previews here and here? well, it`s official. september 24, will be the launch of the urbaness. &&&& yours truly will be featured!

so what exactly is the urbaness you ask?
inspires adventure. incites curiosity. emboldens you to seek the world outside your door.

the urbaness is chicago`s premier city guide & lifestyle website. call it a city guide or call it a love letter,  it celebrates the spirit and community that sets the windy city high above the rest through photographs, in-depth interviews, and advice from local experts. ready for a spur-of-the-moment adventure or to fall in love with hidden gems in this big city? check out the urbaness to find the perfect balance of living life in one of the nation`s biggest cities.

what`s even better is that the urbaness will be updated daily. their goal is to inspire people to fully embrace the city within their means and in style. whether it`s through the website, facebook, or their twitter, you can always stay connected! i also love that they cover a wide range of information. although i love their style features (duhhhh..), i like that they include topics like green living and the arts.

i`ve been working on my feature for a while now and i can`t wait for you guys to see it!
don`t forget to check out the urbaness this friday!

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