August 28, 2012


completely neglected my post last week. it`s unlike me to not follow-up immediately, but truth be told..i just didn`t have time to take any pictures of my uniforms. i would think about it after i already left the house, came back, and changed into pjs. but by that point i was too tired to put everything back on (and i kinda felt like that was cheating). 

so there. i`m human. sometimes.

if you follow me on instagram or twitter, it`s much easier to see what i`m up to because it`s just easier to micro-blog sometimes. if you have (and i love you for following xoxo), then you`ll know that i was working on a very special project on saturday! i`ve known about it for quite some time now, but it`s been a secret until now-ish. still can`t say anything about it until the launch..but i`ll just say i`m very excited!

yes, i`m still working on my tattoo post (COUGH COUGH HENRY), but i just made an appointment to add more to my arm, so you`ll just have to wait..again. i know i know, it`s never-ending, but after this next time, i promise i`ll put the post up and just continue to update it from there. 

&& is anyone else as obsessed as i am with camera apps on the iphone?! i love that filters can completely change the look and feel of a photo. sometimes i save a bunch of them and then decide what i like best haha. right favorites are the vintage filters! i`m constantly amazed at how great the camera is on my phone..but at the same time..they need to do something about the front-facing option `cause it sucks!

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