August 4, 2012


i`ve been mia because i`ve been busy with kimchi, so here`s some uniforms from this week. 
if you follow me on instagram (@lauren_chu), you`ll see a better picture of my new hair!

really old dress from nordstrom : alexander wang fabiana (similar here)
 linea pelle belt : michael kors watch

this belt is my new favorite thing! it`s meant to be a double wrap belt worn normally at your hips, 
but i like it at my waist and wrapped three times. after sorting through my closet, i found this dress i hadn`t worn in years. it has a girly ruffle at the bottom, which is completely different than my normal.

h&m dress :  linea pelle belt : christian louboutin 120mm pigalle (here in 100mm)

see, i told you i`m obsessed with this belt! i was originally going to get this one from intermix, but i actually like the linea pelle one more because it`s wider. also brought out my pigalles because i haven`t worn them in forever!

talula babaton top (similar helmut lang top) : bdg jeans : sam edelman lorna : persol glasses : michael kors watch

with everything going on with kimchi, i just needed a little alone time. 
sometimes, i just need a solo dinner date with myself.

wilfred top : f21 leather shorts (another kind here) : zara sandals : michael kors watch : gilt bracelet

i`m not sure if it`s just me, or it`s just these sandals...but they`re huge! i`m a true size 35/5 foot, so why do i keep seeing petite bloggers with tinier feet wearing zara shoes all the time! i added extra holes, but the straps are still loose. i normally don`t wear shoes that don`t fit, but i guess these will be the exception.

*for those who have been following kimchi`s updates, the ultrasounds came up clear. they would like to look at his throat, but it`s too red and irritated right now. i`ll let you know as soon as i hear anything! as always, thank you so much for being supportive and taking the time to think about my baby.*

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