June 18, 2012


h&m top : forever 21 shorts : baublebar bracelet : christian louboutin pigalle pumps

kimchi decided to make a little appearance..well his butt did.
&& forgive my hair. it`s humid and the kinks from my hair tie at night won`t go away.

this was my first baublebar purchase and i love it! it`s a little big for my tiny wrists, but i just push it up and make it more of an arm piece. i first learned about this site from tania. the prices are reasonable and judging from this bracelet, the quality is amazing. i definitely recommend checking it out as signing up is free and there is no membership fee. here`s an invitation link (=
*i should mention that i bought the bracelet myself and was not contacted in any way by baublebar.

couldn`t resist, here`s a picture of my little nugget from this weekend. he stayed up all night on saturday and didn`t go to bed until sunday morning..which of course was when he and i had plans to lay out and run errands! && because i spoil the little brat, he slept sprawled out like this for a good two hours. smh.

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