May 10, 2012


u n i f o r m    x     k i m c h i
really quick, just wanted to show you how cute he is! i ran into ulta to return something, but didn`t bring my purse or kimchi because it was only a minute. i come back and this is what i see! the silly little nugget was guarding my bag haha. the things he does seriously amaze me every single day.

okay on to what i REALLY wanted to share. recently (or not, idk when they started), american apparel started making dog clothes. they have tanks, tees, and hoodies that come in a variety of colors. pretty sure you noticed, but kimchi has always loved wearing clothes. he has a closet (okay, it`s actually a drawer-type bin) that he digs through and picks stuff from. surprisingly, it`s always something different. needless to say, he has a bunch of these hoodies.
not sure why i`m going to say i`m surprised, but these are super well made for a pretty reasonable price. i believe the hoodies are $18? most dog clothes cost a fortune and fall apart after a few wears!  i LOVE that the zipper goes all the way down. it makes it much more comfortable and easy to get him dressed. i also love that the hood is big enough to fit his head. he never wears it, but it looks more proportional than other dog hoodies. kimchi only wears a harness when we`re going for long walks or if we know it`s going to be a busy area, but the hole on top allows us to keep his harness hidden if we wish to use it. i really like that the pocket is functional. i keep a poop bag and tissue in there (he wipes after every pee and poo..not with the same tissue!). overall, i can just sit here and go on and on about how great these are!
*he`s about 23 pounds and wears a size large. i don`t like things to be too tight on him because he gets warm easily, so this does run a little long on him. i just purchased a medium to see how that fits, so i will let you guys know! also, i tend to get things a size bigger for him to fit his chest area. the good thing is that he lets me know when he has to potty, so i just roll it up for him.*
do you guys dress your doggies? i would never force it upon kimchi, but he loves it, so i just enable him!

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  1. Anonymous5:06 PM CDT

    So cute! I'm definitely going to stop by American Apparel as my Frenchie likes his shirts/hoodies too!