May 29, 2012


people always ask me questions about my hair, so it`s about time i answered! my routine is still the same as before, except that i`ve switched to moroccan oil shampoo/conditioner and i use the moroccan oil on my ends. 

q: does your hair get oily from washing it only 2x a week?
a: because my hair is so processed, it doesn`t get very oily. if it does, it`s only the top of my head so i`ll throw some baby powder into my hands and work it into my roots.

q: is your hair real? do you have extensions or wear a wig?
a: this is the most commonly asked question..YES it`s real! haha all of it`s mine! i`m not against extensions/wigs, but my hair is naturally thick and pretty voluminous (=

q: how do you curl your hair so that it`s so big and wavy?
a: i use a 1 1/2" metal curling iron. i have no technique , but it`s similar to tiffany`s video, except that i don`t use any products aside from finishing off with some hair spray.(i always curl away from the face too).

q: how do you take care of your scalp after coloring since it can be damaging to your scalp too?
a: to be honest, caroline and i sit and we often lose track of i get burns (which leads to scabbing) sometimes. i`m guilty of hunting them down and picking at them! i also sit and pick the flaking color from my scalp too.. but if you want to NOT damage your scalp..DO NOT PICK AT IT!

q:  what color is your hair? some days it's super red, and other days it's brown with a hue of red..
a: it`s still red! it has some violet undertones and it`s a little darker now. it`s so hard to capture the real color though, it looks different under every type of lighting. the color changes every 2 weeks, so it`s never quite the same!

q: if you do your hair yourself...any tips? my main question is if you need to bleach it beforehand and what color you prefer to use.
a: i get my hair done exclusively by my best friend (she owns a salon). my number one thing i always tell people is to GO GET YOUR COLOR DONE! i personally don`t recommend any box dye, whether you get it at a drug store or beauty supply store. every other month, we bleach then, we dye over it the same night. i get re-dyed every 2 weeks, but every time we change the formula of the color around depending on my mood.  my hair can handle a LOT of damage, and i know my bestie so well that we trust each other to do what we do to my hair. i would never recommend it for anyone else because chances are highly likely that your hair will fall right out. as far as making the color last, don`t wash your hair often and when you do..use freezing cold water and a good shampoo!

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