April 11, 2012


if you follow me on twitter, you`ll know my phone slipped into a running sink this morning, hence why there will be no 10 day makeup challenge update today. instead, i want to share something with you that literally made my year. 

taken from my brother`s instagram: instasamz

i hate highly dislike trends. i wear my black on black pretty much daily; i feel comfortable in my uniform and rarely veer from it. so where do i get my inspirations from? HERE. from bloggers. and mostly, from street style blogs. one of my favorites is Amy Creyer`s Chicago Street Style. obviously i`m pro-chicago everything, so i love reading her blog and remembering seeing some of the people she shoots. for over a year, i have been waitinghuntingstalkinglurkinghoping to get spotted. and two weekends ago, i was!
see it H E R E ! !

funny thing is, i had no intention of going out. i was in sweats and yoga pants when my brother told me to get ready to go roaming around. i am so freaking glad he forced me to because i would`ve missed my chance! i had just turned the corner from oak onto state when i saw her in a building door`s shadow (i know, i`m a creep..that`s why i wear huge sunglasses hahaha). i was already about to have a heart attack when i see amy coming towards me. she started to tell me who she was, but like a crazy lunatic i started babbling about how i was looking for HER! idk why she didn`t run away, but she took some shots of me. i was so nervous i couldn`t stop laughing stupid! anyways, i rambled all day about how amazing she was and how it was the best day ever, and it really was. i hope i get spotted again! 

seriously, thank you amy!

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