January 10, 2012


spend the time to really think about the items you purchase. when online shopping, i bookmark ALL items and give myself at least a few days to think it over. 80% of the time, i end up removing it in less than a week (and to be perfectly honest, most of the time i`m asking myself what the heck i was thinking for bookmarking in the first place!). if i`m shopping in store, i try every single item on. refer to one of my earlier posts, revelation, for some of my thought process. if the item makes it home, let it sit in my closet a bit, and return the items i`m not 100% in love with.

this is how i save my money for the bigger purchases.
and this is why i`ve started loving every item i own.

it`s a new year and a new chance to cut the fat once again.

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