October 13, 2011


don`t try not to shop for seasons or occasions. it`s understandable if it`s dresses, coats, or shoes, but it doesn`t even make sense to buy new clothes to replace old ones. you should love the items you have enough to carry it on through many seasons. think about the number of times you will wear something before making the purchase. you`ll be saving a lot more money that can be eventually invested in a staple piece for your closet. QUALITY > QUANTITY.

doesn`t matter if it looks real good on. it`s gotta be about you. if you have to tell yourself "i`ll wear it" in order to purchase it, don`t get it.

take care of your clothes. doesn`t matter if it`s f21 or designer, read the labels on how to properly clean your items!

if it doesn`t fit correctly, do not buy. how many times do we tell ourselves that we`re going to get something taken in or hemmed but WE DON`T. unless you`re really going to take it to alterations, don`t get it. also, if you have to tell yourself that you`re going to lose some weight or gain some weight to wear an item, don`t get it. buy what fits your body now, not what you HOPE is going to fit later. if it`s not meant to be, it`s not meant to be!

**10.13 edit
i forgot to mention this, but forget sizes. who cares what size it is if it`s what makes you the best you? get to know your body. my closet contains a wide range of sizes. you are NOT a number.  if you`re really that conscious, cut the tag off. it takes 2 seconds, but you`ll be happier for much longer. 

this is about accepting your body, mind, and soul.
know yourself and embrace it.
living a simple(r) life inspired by CATALINA SU.

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  1. well said! ripple effect, you agree with Catalina & i agree with you...I am looking at all the stuff i brought with me & saying OMG! why did i buy/bring hence all tags still attached....

    I'm buying all neutral, black, & a dash of animal print

    the older you get the more plain & morbid you are

    I like it....