February 22, 2016



January 9, 2016


l a t e - l y
bp blouse : ag jeans : aritzia belt
unknown sweater : american apparel leggings : chanel handbag : nike sneakers
zara sweater : american apparel leggings : unknown boots
h&m sweater : lululemon leggings : custom beanie : nike sneakers
bp blouse : storets sweater : rag & bone trousers : christian louboutin oxfords
unknown body suit : ag jeans : rails blouse : hermes jewelry : saint laurent boots
wilfred blazer : zara tee : american apparel leggings : sam edelman boots
nastygal dress : undergarments my own
brandy melville sweater : unknown tank : ag jeans : tamara mellon boots
vintage saint laurent cardigan : iro tee : wilfred tank : paige jeans : tamara mellon boots
alice & olivia coat : chanel bag : custom beanie : tamara mellon boots

November 17, 2015


m o n d a y
helmut lang blazer : zara tee : l`agence vegan leather joggers : christian louboutin pumps

t u e s d a y
zara sweater : trouve tank : american apparel shiny leggings: random boots : chanel handbag

August 25, 2015


ready for fall..
zara sweater : equipment blouse : asos bow : american apparel leggings : sam edelman boots

July 1, 2015


this may be the longest post i ever do, but it`s kind of exciting and challenging! i`m going to *crossing my fingers here* post a uniform photo every day of june. 

june one
[duringwork] t x wang satin blazer : topshop plaid : leather leggings : rag & bone harrow
[afterwork] t x wang satin blazer : topshop plaid : leather leggings : nike sneakers

june two
asos blazer : brandy melville tee : h&m leather shorts : zara sandals

june three
h&m sweater : equipment blouse : asos bow : asos trousers : christian louboutin zazou

june four
helmut lang sweater : unknown tank : tania sarin pants : aminah abdul jillil sandal

june five
helmut lang dress : christian louboutin pigalle

june six
bp crop tank : unknown vegan leather shorts : zara sandals

june seven
trouve long sleeve tee : one teaspoon shorts : nike sneakers : balenciaga bag

june eight
victoria`s secret mix & match bikini
*note: this top does NOT stay on...but it`s fine for tanning*

june nine
vince boyfriend tee : aritzia dress : sarah jessica parker shoes

june ten
balenciaga glasses : vince dress : valentino espadrille wedges

june eleven
unknown hoodie : bp tank : lululemon leggings : new balance sneakers

june twelve
helmut lang leather turtleneck : l`agence shorts : christian louboutin shoes

june thirteen
h&m sweater : unknown vegan leather shorts : valentino espadrille wedges

june fourteen
helmut sweater : bp tank : aritzia vegan leather leggings

june fifteen
theory dress 

june sixteen
unknown top : mikoh bottom

june seventeen
helmet lang sweater : brandy melville dress : american apparel leggings : target kids sneakers

june eighteen
rag & bone dress : zara sandals

june nineteen
[duringwork] zara sweater : aritzia plaid : helmut lang pants : valentino espadrilles
[afterwork] brandy melville tee : h&m men`s shorts : new balance sneakers

june twenty
trouve tee : lululemon wunder under

june twentyone
topshop dress : tom ford sunglasses

june twentytwo
leith jumpsuit : valentino espadrilles

june twentythree
current elliott sweater : one teaspoon shorts

june twentyfour
alc top and skirt : valentino espadrille wedges

june twentyfive
asos blazer : brandy & melville tee : milly shorts : aminah abdul jillil sandals

june twentysix
free people tank : ag denim : derek lam heels

june twentyseven
h&m sweater : topshop trousers : manolo blahnik chaos

june twentyeight
topshop tank : unknown shorts : new balance sneakers

june twentynine
zara sweater : zara leather skirt : manolo blahnik chaos

june thirty
theory tank : theory sweater : citizens of humanity denim

June 19, 2015


a s p a r a g u s  f r i e s

i don`t cook a ton of things, but the things i do make i like to excel in. lately, i`ve been experimenting with asparagus fries. it`s one of those vegetables i love to eat, but hate cooking. i can never get the texture right. pinterest really comes in handy when i need ideas, so i searched asparagus and one of the recipes said fries..that obviously caught my eye. due to the interest i received after posting a picture on instagram, here`s a little fry-yay action ( << see what i did there ).

wash and towel-pat your asparagus. make sure you trim the ends..a quick way to do this is to just snap off the ends. dredge the asparagus with flour. the reason you should dredge with flour is so that the egg has something to cling on to, and thus creating a better base for the breading to cling on to. after dredging in flour and egg, roll the asparagus around in your panko mix. i won`t say what`s exactly in mine, but i use panko/seasoning/salt/parmesan to taste ;).
lay everything on an un-oiled baking sheet. bake for 350 degrees for 10 minutes. my asparagus didn`t quite brown as much as the pictures showed on pinterest, but the longer i baked the softer the asparagus became, so i would rather it be crispy/crunchy than anything else.

the end result? a healthy, quick, and guilt-free way to have your fries and eat them too.