August 10, 2016


secretly, i hoard makeup. i rarely use anything except for my favorite staples, so why? because i get suckered..really hard..into packaging. not to mention, those aisles by the register are the freaking worst. not only do i buy things i definitely know i won`t use, i lose most of it. finally though, buying new things has gotten me to change up my routine and helped me find some really great things i love.
i found this makeup bag at madewell on my lunch break..i love being able to see everything `cause i still do my makeup in the car.. X.X
i PRIME my face with becca backlight priming filter. it gives your skin such a pretty glow..on my good days i just use this and some concealer. most days though, i need a FOUNDATION with good coverage. if you`ve been following me for a while, you know i swear by the giorgio armani luminous silk foundation. it was only recently that i wasn`t able to color-match my skin. the becca ultimate coverage complexion creme has been doing the trick. to SET everything, i`m still using the too faced primed & poreless. it`s lightweight and helps keep everything in place.

some things change, some things don`t. the too faced chocolate soleil is still my all-time favorite BRONZER. i love that it`s matte and has no shimmer. i was never really a fan of BLUSH until i tried the giorgio armani ones. i own a few and use a different color depending on the day. no surprise to anyone..i`m still obsessed with all things that HIGHLIGHT. the becca champagne pop by jaclyn hill is hands down my favorite. i will say that the color doesn`t work for everyone..

my BROW is always going to be anastasia. i went from the brow whiz to to the perfect brown pencil. the EYELINER will always be the urban decay 24/7 in perversion. it`s always the darkest liner and i like the subtle shine. lately i`ve been adding a little sparkle. i really like urban decay moondust EYESHADOW. all the colors are really pretty but i only own diamond dog. i`m a huge fan of fun WATERLINERS and really like buxom hold the line eyeliner in come over. and last but not least, i always use LASHES from house of lashes.

February 22, 2016



January 9, 2016


l a t e - l y
bp blouse : ag jeans : aritzia belt
unknown sweater : american apparel leggings : chanel handbag : nike sneakers
zara sweater : american apparel leggings : unknown boots
h&m sweater : lululemon leggings : custom beanie : nike sneakers
bp blouse : storets sweater : rag & bone trousers : christian louboutin oxfords
unknown body suit : ag jeans : rails blouse : hermes jewelry : saint laurent boots
wilfred blazer : zara tee : american apparel leggings : sam edelman boots
nastygal dress : undergarments my own
brandy melville sweater : unknown tank : ag jeans : tamara mellon boots
vintage saint laurent cardigan : iro tee : wilfred tank : paige jeans : tamara mellon boots
alice & olivia coat : chanel bag : custom beanie : tamara mellon boots

November 17, 2015


m o n d a y
helmut lang blazer : zara tee : l`agence vegan leather joggers : christian louboutin pumps

t u e s d a y
zara sweater : trouve tank : american apparel shiny leggings: random boots : chanel handbag

August 25, 2015


ready for fall..
zara sweater : equipment blouse : asos bow : american apparel leggings : sam edelman boots

July 1, 2015


this may be the longest post i ever do, but it`s kind of exciting and challenging! i`m going to *crossing my fingers here* post a uniform photo every day of june. 

june one
[duringwork] t x wang satin blazer : topshop plaid : leather leggings : rag & bone harrow
[afterwork] t x wang satin blazer : topshop plaid : leather leggings : nike sneakers

june two
asos blazer : brandy melville tee : h&m leather shorts : zara sandals

june three
h&m sweater : equipment blouse : asos bow : asos trousers : christian louboutin zazou

june four
helmut lang sweater : unknown tank : tania sarin pants : aminah abdul jillil sandal

june five
helmut lang dress : christian louboutin pigalle

june six
bp crop tank : unknown vegan leather shorts : zara sandals

june seven
trouve long sleeve tee : one teaspoon shorts : nike sneakers : balenciaga bag

june eight
victoria`s secret mix & match bikini
*note: this top does NOT stay on...but it`s fine for tanning*

june nine
vince boyfriend tee : aritzia dress : sarah jessica parker shoes

june ten
balenciaga glasses : vince dress : valentino espadrille wedges

june eleven
unknown hoodie : bp tank : lululemon leggings : new balance sneakers

june twelve
helmut lang leather turtleneck : l`agence shorts : christian louboutin shoes

june thirteen
h&m sweater : unknown vegan leather shorts : valentino espadrille wedges

june fourteen
helmut sweater : bp tank : aritzia vegan leather leggings

june fifteen
theory dress 

june sixteen
unknown top : mikoh bottom

june seventeen
helmet lang sweater : brandy melville dress : american apparel leggings : target kids sneakers

june eighteen
rag & bone dress : zara sandals

june nineteen
[duringwork] zara sweater : aritzia plaid : helmut lang pants : valentino espadrilles
[afterwork] brandy melville tee : h&m men`s shorts : new balance sneakers

june twenty
trouve tee : lululemon wunder under

june twentyone
topshop dress : tom ford sunglasses

june twentytwo
leith jumpsuit : valentino espadrilles

june twentythree
current elliott sweater : one teaspoon shorts

june twentyfour
alc top and skirt : valentino espadrille wedges

june twentyfive
asos blazer : brandy & melville tee : milly shorts : aminah abdul jillil sandals

june twentysix
free people tank : ag denim : derek lam heels

june twentyseven
h&m sweater : topshop trousers : manolo blahnik chaos

june twentyeight
topshop tank : unknown shorts : new balance sneakers

june twentynine
zara sweater : zara leather skirt : manolo blahnik chaos

june thirty
theory tank : theory sweater : citizens of humanity denim